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  The ready-to-use Fuel Cell:
Easy integration without expert knowledge!

Subsystem Concept: more than just a Fuel Cell

  The development of a Fuel Cell SubSystem is the logical result of the increasing demands of new applications in the future market of Renewable Energies.

reliable, durable power
ready in less than 3 seconds
easy integration
easy maintenance
scalable power
H2 as high-quality energy source
The advantages for system integrators in detail:

reliable, durable power

The power range up to 1 kilowatt meets the requirements of many electric consumers that are currently powered by battery systems. With the steady increase of comfort and safety demands the capacity of current battery technology has been exhausted. With this fuel cell sub system batteries can be recharged continuously (hybrid system).

Ready in less than 3 seconds

The SubSystem requires no preheating or similar elaborate start-up processes - already after about 3 seconds after activation the power output begins. After maximum 10 seconds, the full power is available.

easy integration

SubSystem means integrated fuel cell expertise. All necessary peripheral components needed for operation of the fuel cell are already integrated. To start-up, only the connection of a hydrogen supply and an electrical power consumer are necessary. Save time for complex research and integration of components.
The integrated control system guarantees a fully automatic start-/stop- and operational phase. The integrated sensor technology ensures safe operation and, if necessary, a safety shutdown.



Easy maintenance

The SubSystem requires very little maintenance. The integrated air filter is the only component that should be cleaned regularly or replaced (depending on ambient conditions) - changing the filter doesn't require any tools and is done in shortest time possible.


Scalable power

The SubSystem provides scalable performance for variable applications. Several SubSystems can be easily combined into a multi-kW power system. Each module receives it's own independent operation, but it also integrates into an overall energy management system.




H2 as high-quality energy source

Hydrogen (H2) is by far the fuel with the highest gravimetric energy density. This means: high capacity with minimum weight. With the steady increase of comfort and safety demands the possibilities offered by electric battery applications are reaching their limits, the addition of a hydrogen-based fuel cell (hybrid system) enables the realization of forward-looking power supplies.



Fuel Cell + Hydrogen:
Symbiosis with outstanding features

CO2-free energy high efficiency
fast refilling
low noise
low maintenance

There are no environ-mentally damaging and harmful emissions

Efficiency up to 80% (comparative internal combustion engine: 35%)

The hydrogen energy can be refilled quickly and safely

The fuel cell operates almost silently

Low abrasion due to the absence of mechanical components

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